What You Don’t Know About Cats

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Five quirky facts about cats.

Cats are beloved household pets all over the world – but here are some fun facts you probably don’t know about your favourite furry felines. 

There’s just something special about our feline friends. All cat lovers know just how cute and quirky cats can be, but here are a few fun facts you might not know about these wonderful animals.

One: The oldest cat that ever lived made it to 38 years old!

Most beloved domestic cats live on average from 12-18 years. However, there are some cats that truly break the mould! Did you expect anything less from them?

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According to the Guinness World Records, the oldest cat to ever live was Creme Puff, from Austin, Texas. This gorgeous tabby was born in 1967 and lived to celebrate her 38th birthday. What was her secret? Her owner, Jake Perry, pondered if his cats were so long-living due to their strange diet of human food.

Currently, the oldest living cat is Rubble, a 30-year-old English feline. The orange Maine Coon is the equivalent of 137 human years old!

Two: A clowder of cats

Do you have several cats at home, perhaps snuggling up together in their cat bed? You should start calling them a ‘clowder’ or a ‘glaring’, as these are the official terms for a group of cats. And while people often refer to ‘a litter of kittens’, a kindle of kittens is also correct. So cute!

Three: Cats have held public office

Have you ever thought your furry friend could do a better job running your town, city or country than its current leaders? You’re not alone. In a few places around the world, people have taken a stand and voted cats into leadership positions.

Stubbs, a gentle ginger cat, was in fact mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, from 1997-2017. While it was an honorary position, the town did not have a human mayor, so Stubbs was it. He enjoyed the good life, wandering the streets of his people and drinking a special water and catnip combo from wine glasses.

Currently, a fluffy tortoiseshell called Sweet Tart is serving as mayor of Omena, Michigan. Not just an American phenomenon, cats have also run for office in Mexico and Canada. Let’s bring this trend to New Zealand!

Four: Cats aren’t as aloof as you think


A lot of people – mostly those who have never owned a cat – think felines are aloof and don’t care about their humans all that much. While yes, cats can be quite independent, we cat people know they also relish love and attention like other pets. Cat owners will be more than familiar with the many adorable purrs, meows, chirps and cuddles their furry friend provides as a member of the family.

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Now what we’ve known all along has been confirmed by science. An Oregon State University study found that domestic cats prefer engaging with their humans over food, playtime or enticing scents. So the next time someone tells you your cat only loves you because you feed them – you can hit back with the facts: that your sweet pet prefers you to their favourite tuna, catnip or toy.

Five: Cats are good for your health

Owning a cat has scientific health benefits! Most cat owners will tell you their cat brings them so much joy. Well, studies prove that cats really can lower stress levels, reducing the risk of heart disease by up to 30%! Patting cats even reduces blood pressure, a significant cause of heart problems – so why not extend your kitty’s brushing and petting time tonight? It’ll do you both a world of good!

Having a pet cat can also have positive impacts on mental health, with the love and companionship that they provide.

Now go and give your cat an extra appreciative snuggle for all the joy they bring you.

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