Ten Board Games That’ll Leave Everyone Laughing Hysterically

Ten Board Games That’ll Leave Everyone Laughing Hysterically

Board games to get everyone laughing.

These board games are brilliant party starters. Take your party or gathering up a notch with these hilarious additions to your gaming cupboard.

They say laughter is the best medicine – and what better way to bring the giggles than with a fun and hilarious board game? The little ones will laugh and learn as they see first hand that competing can be fun, and your great-grandma will relish putting years of wisdom to the test as future generations attempt to strut their stuff.

Pick the right board game at the right time with the right people, and you’re in for an action-packed, epic competition that the group will be talking about for years. There’ll be more belly laughs than from an Amy Schumer flick as everyone does their best to out-sing, out-stand and out-play each other. Here are some of the best board games available that will get everyone laughing.

Outright Hilarity

Some games are designed simply to have people end up in strange positions or situations so that everyone else can laugh at them. You know the ones – you’re left breathless from laughing hysterically. These kinds of games don’t require too much skill, just the desire to participate.

  • Blindfolded Twister – Take the original Twister and add blindfolds; it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you’re left with is a laughing pile of bodies all desperate to remain on all fours.
  • Pie Face – What’s more fun than running the risk of whipped cream slapped in your face? If you’re prepared to take a chance, you’ll love this
  • Disney Song Challenge – Karaoke is always a hit (see what we did there?) and this test of Disney knowledge is no different. Prove you’ve got the goods.
Toyco Pie Face Canon TheMarket NZ
Image Source: Toyco

Suspense is a Killer

There’s nothing quite like a little suspense to put a knot in your stomach and see your hands shaking, but that’s exactly why these games are played. See if you have what it takes in these family-friendly tests of skill to be crowned the winner.

  • Melissa and Doug Suspend Family Game – Your goal is balance. But throw in some tipping, unsteady and constantly wobbling pieces and you could tear the whole tower down.
  • Jenga Pass – As if the original Jenga wasn’t hard enough, in this test of nerves you need to hand-pass the tower along as you play.
  • Hedbanz – The ultimate mystery of figuring out who you are, before everyone else figures out who they are. Ask the right questions and solve the mystery first.

Fast and Loud

Imagine the concentration you’d need to walk a tightrope. Now, picture your family and friends screaming in your face while you do it. Some board games are crazy, fast and fun for the whole family. The only question, is can you hack it? You’ll need to if you want any chance at coming out on top.

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  • Tension – Played in two teams, this is a game of lists and twists. You’ll need to be fast and clear.
  • Pictionary – You don’t need a fine arts degree to take on this action-packed drawing game. You just need to be able to think while everyone is yelling answers at you.
  • Get Rich Quick – You’ll need your wits about you in this fast-paced strategic thriller. Think on the fly and trade cards for a full set before anyone else.
Toyco Cards against Humanity The Market New Zealand
Image Source: Toyco

Adult Only

Some games are better left to the adults amongst us, and even then it’s easy to still act like a giggling school girl as you try to one-up each other.

  • Cards Against Humanity Absurd Pack – Offensive? Risque? Politically incorrect? This game is all three and will leave you (and your sketchy friends) in stitches. It’s known as ‘the game for horrible people’.

So much fun, so little time. Make your next family night one of laughter.

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